[mixmixer 001] INNA SUMMER MIX 2010

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DJ INNA (LIFEFORCE / mixer / bank!)
20tracks for hottest summer.


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INNA SUMMERMIX 2010.9.9 Tracklist
LL Cool J “Hot, Hot, Hot” (inst)
Luke Vibert / BJ Cole “Swing Lite – Alright”
The Mythical Beasts “Magical Creature” (Q-Burn’s Abstract Message Remix)
Black Mighty Orchestra “Ocean Beach”
Pharrell “Frontin'” (Yam Who? Rework inst)
Studio “Life’s A Beach!” (Prins Thomas Remix)
Hexstatic “Salvador”
Baricentro “Tittle Tattle” (inst)
F.O.E. “In My Jungle”
Tom Tom Club “Elephant”
Thriftcotheque “Babba Macumba”
DJ Weight Problem “Moon Maiden”
Oriol “Joy FM”
Touch Sensitive “Body Stop” (Toby Tobias Remix)
Test Pattern “Ryugu”
International Pony “Gothic Girl” (inst)
Electric Jones / Florence & The Machine “Dogging Days”
Johnny Habanero “Ill Valdez”
Gary Davis “Gee Dee”
Mezzoforte “Nothing Lasts Forever” (Dub mix)
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